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Release Notes - SDK 1.7.1

This release introduces several significant bugfixes, but also introduces various minor new features. Although it is a minor release, it may also introduce new bugs.

  • Many improvements and bugfixes to pdeploy
  • Vectors now support swizzle/write masks (e.g vec.xz)
  • Fixes for depth buffer instabilities on Windows
  • Better webcam support on Linux using Video4Linux
  • Custom cursor support in X11
  • Static functions that return a list are now properly wrapped
  • ODE objects now have getId() exposed to Python
  • NodePath.findMaterial now works properly
  • Remove unnecessary dependency on GLU
  • Arithmetic operators to PNMImage
  • Various OpenGL ES-related bugfixes
  • Support for EGL and OpenGL ES in makepanda
  • Fix a crash with the Maya converters
  • Include missing p3d tools on Windows
  • Include tinyxml as part of the source
  • Updates to PandAI
  • Compile issues with latest OpenSSL fixed
  • Fix static-init ordering issues with OpenSSL
  • Several other bugfixes and features not listed here