SDK 1.10.10 Release

A new version of Panda3D has been released today. This is a maintenance release, containing mostly minor bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended. Please head to the download page to install the new version.

This release also provides support for the upcoming Python 3.10 version. This support is still somewhat experimental, so please let us know if you encounter any issues.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that the 32nd PyWeek challenge takes place from September 19-25. This is a challenge to develop a game using Python in a single week, either by yourself or as part of a team. Will you participate using the new version of Panda3D? Best of luck to all the entrants!

The full release notes are as follows:

  • Round refresh rates when choosing display mode on macOS (#1144)
  • Vectors now support floor division
  • It is now possible to use round(), ceil() and floor() with vector types
  • Add RenderState::get_unused_states()
  • Fix assertion error in RenderState::get_num_unused_states()
  • Fix Assimp loader not importing normal vectors correctly (#1163)
  • Fix error when trying to render DirectGUI in offscreen mode (#1174)
  • Fix crash when resizing window in multi-window DirectX 9 application (#1167)
  • Fixes to enable compilation with recent OpenEXR and FFMpeg versions
  • Fix draw callback being called twice if cull callback calls upcall()
  • Improve error message when display module fails to load
  • Fix writing/reading BitArray to/from bam files on 64-bit systems (#1181)
  • evdev input devices (such as gamepads) are now supported in FreeBSD as well
  • Panda no longer tries to compress buffer textures when compression is enabled
  • Fix Geom::make_lines_in_place() (& points, patches) leaving invalid state
  • Fix memory leak when cleaning up FilterManager (#1166)
  • Fix memory leak deleting multisample OpenGL FBOs (#1166)
  • Fix auto-binding of SSBOs sometimes causing overlapping bindings (#1176)
  • PSSMCameraRig::update() now accepts a camera node directly
  • Support copying depth buffer for 32-bit depth with 8-bit stencil (#1142)
  • Prevent trying to copy depth from non-depth buffer in OpenGL renderer (#1142)
  • Fixes to format selection for OpenGL renderbuffers (#1137, #1141)
  • gl-depth-zero-to-one is now supported in OpenGL ES 2+ (if driver supports)
  • Maya models can contain more than three eggObjectTypes (#1134)
  • Fix black screen on Linux when switching fullscreen without a WM active
  • Fix Linux crash when trying to load a directory instead of a file (#1140)
  • Fix crash when loading an invalid font
  • Fix a very obscure unintended DirectGUI behavior change in 1.10.9