Update for Mac OS X "El Capitan"

Several weeks ago, Apple released the latest version of Mac OS X, code-named “El Capitan”. Among other things, it introduced a number of security features, including System Integrity Protection (SIP). This feature primarily places restrictions on which filesystem locations can be modified, even by root processes.
These changes have caused an inability to install and run the Panda3D SDK on Mac OS X 10.11. When running the SDK installer package, you may encounter an error message like “This package is incompatible with this version of OS X and may fail to install”, prematurely interrupting the installation procedure. A similar issue is present in the installer for the Panda3D 1.0.4 Runtime.
An additional problem is the removal of PackageMaker, which is used to produce the installer package for the SDK when building Panda3D from source. It has been replaced by a different set of utilities that fulfill the same purpose.
These issues have been resolved now and a fix will be part of the upcoming 1.9.1 release. In the meantime, to install the Panda3D SDK on Mac OS X without disabling the System Integrity Protection features, you may use a pre-release build of the Panda3D 1.9.1 SDK which has been made available at the following location:
A patched version of the Panda3D 1.0.4 Runtime is available as well:
Please let us know on the bug tracker, forums or IRC channel if there are still issues with this build, so that they can be fixed before the 1.9.1 release.

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  1. Great! I’m so pleased to see this ☺
    I’m actually using Panda3D to investigate modularity in genetic programming for robot controllers and I’m using Panda3D with ODE run a physics simulation.

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