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pip install panda3d==1.10.9

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.9

This is a bugfix release which addresses some severe issues on macOS, a graphical issue on Windows with AMD RDNA cards, as well as a broad range of issues on other platforms, and adds some minor features. Also see the release announcement.


  • Some macOS builds were erroneously not built with Cg shader support (#1119)
  • Show error for unrecognized p3d_TextureXYZ GLSL shader inputs
  • Fix Cg shader bug when using multiple GraphicsStateGuardian objects (#1117)
  • New filled wireframe mode that respects vertex shaders (#1124)
  • Fix undefined behavior when using non-nearest filtering on isampler/usampler
  • Harmless shader linking warnings on macOS are now suppressed


  • Fix mouse confinement activating on Windows for non-foreground window (#1115)
  • Fix occasional failure with switching to fullscreen on macOS (#1039)
  • Fix parented window being offset if undecorated flag isn’t set on Windows


  • Works around driver bugs causing flickering and black graphics on AMD RDNA cards
  • Better support for headless OpenGL on Linux via EGL-based fallback (#1086)
  • EGL implementation can now fall back to alternative EGL devices
  • Fix ability to create multisample FBO when using EGL (#1089)
  • Fix copy-RAM and copy-texture modes for multisample-enabled buffers (#1129)
  • FilterManager now respects depth-bits specified in Config.prc
  • Auto-convert vertex data down from 64-bit float to 32-bit in OpenGL ES


  • Add missing 16-bpc and 32-bpc integer texture formats
  • Support Texture::set_ram_image_as() for 3D and multiview textures (#1095)
  • TexturePeeker now supports cube maps (#1098)
  • TexturePeeker now supports integer texture formats

GUI / Text

  • Workarounds for disappearing text and GUI items in multithreaded pipeline
  • Fix generated accent marks for some fonts appearing flipped
  • Included static fonts now include dotless i glyph
  • Fix DirectOptionMenu issues when changing items from item callback (#1125)

Python API

  • Fix some Python 3 compatibility issues
  • Improvements to direct.stdpy.pickle pickle, esp. for Python 3
  • Fix direct.stdpy.pickle sometimes duplicating Panda objects
  • Add pickle support to various Panda classes
  • AsyncFuture can now store an arbitrary Python object as result
  • AsyncFuture.gather() now schedules coroutines on current task chain
  • Coroutine exceptions are no longer suppressed in optimized builds
  • Add ability to await all interval objects inside a coroutine (#909)
  • Fix garbled data when doing et al.
  • Fix Filename division operator in Python 3
  • Add Pythonic property syntax to various Panda classes
  • Add optional delay= argument to taskMgr.add()
  • Fix CollisionHandler’s again_patterns property

Physics / Collisions

  • Fix missing import in nodePath.subdivideCollisions() (#1084)
  • Support pickling of CollisionTraverser and CollisionHandler objects (#1090)
  • Improve CollisionBox debug visualization
  • Fix broken GlobalForceGroup module
  • Fix writing representation of AngularVectorForce
  • Better handling for some edge cases in PhysicalNode
  • Support bam serialization of BulletGhostNode objects (#1099)


  • Fix app immediately exiting on Windows if log_filename is not set
  • Allow generating log files with date/time in filename (#1103)
  • Automatically removes aux-display Config.prc lines for excluded plug-ins
  • No longer defaults to FMOD audio on macOS unless FMOD is explicitly bundled
  • Fix every app pulling in pep517 and numpy when building on some Linux distros
  • Fix building with pytz and pandas requirements
  • Some deterministic build support with PYTHONHASHSEED=0 and SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
  • Fix harmless warnings about missing dependencies
  • Fix libbz2, libreadline and liblzma libraries being erroneously excluded

Build / C++

  • Some macOS builds were erroneously not built with Cg shader support (#1119)
  • Fix code signatures being missing from arm64 wheels on macOS (#1123)
  • Windows builds now include missing DirectX 9 DLL (#1034)
  • Windows installer no longer pops up message box in silent mode (#1088)
  • Fix compatibility of Panda headers with C++17 and C++20 compilers
  • Support reproducible builds when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set
  • Interrogate supports __truediv__ and __floordiv__ special methods
  • makepanda now looks for linux-libs-arm64 thirdparty directory in aarch64 build


  • Assorted memory leaks fixed
  • Disable vorbis-seek-lap, which caused popping in ogg sounds (#1108)
  • Fix crash when playing video using older FFMpeg versions (#1085)
  • Fix flattening/egg loader bug messing up line strip geometry (#1122)
  • Fix egg lexer state not being cleaned up after error
  • multify respects SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (but -T0 should be preferred)
  • Fix egg loader hanging when encountering unterminated quote or C-style comment
  • VirtualFileSystem::read_file() is now implemented for HTTP mounts
  • Fix regression causing crash in DIRECT tools
  • Fix repeatedly clicking object in DIRECT tools cause explosion of scaling node